This month is a time for the collective consciousness (humanity) to deeply understand looping patterns in our relationships (all kinds; child/parent, family, lovers, friends, colleagues) to be able to own and release them.
It’s when you spend time in environments and with people that trigger you, that you learn what your inner demons/ego programming are.

The games we play in the EGO matrix

«The creating fear and acting as savior through offering control and safety» game, the dominant/submissive power game, the victim/martyr-abuser game, the lack mentalities you operate from, the energy manipulation tactics you use to control your surroundings, the narcissism and empath game, to name a few, are all duality games we play in the EGO matrix we as humans were born into and hold inside. The games create a whole lot of emotional trauma, wounds, pain and suffering. An endless loop of judgement toward self and hence others, lack of self love and freedom in yourself and hence ability to give and receive from others, continuous agendas, contractedness, doubt, resentment, locked in an inner prison, and on top of it all, ignorance about what you’re feeding your energy into and how this participation is blocking you from having the very experiences, relationships, jobs and life that you are chasing to begin with….

At the core, all of these are consequences of experiencing oneself as separate from Source. A chasing game to achieve something that you are led to BELIEVE (which is the ego programming) you are not or do not have. When in truth you have and are everything just by being, if you would only ALLOW it to come through. But then again, this is the whole point of incarnating into a human physical form and play, to experience separation from Source, an illusion, only to find truth from within and start your on way back home to what you really are.

How can I SEE my programming, if I don’t know I have one?

The people in your life are your mirrors and clues, to help you see clearly your ego programming, all aspects of you that you hold and carry so heavily, that are deeply embedded in your cells, in your blood, your flesh, your muscles, your skin, your jaws, your teeth, every little part of your body and mind, and further, which are the reason why your heart is closed.

This is NOT who you really are, it is NOT your soul. It is just the expressions of human programming in this game. If you let yourself fall inwards behind this mask, this identity, you will feel who you really are, you are the OBSERVER of your identity, your role, in the game.

Okay, so now what?

When you are exhausted and tired enough of the battle with your ego, when you are ready to stop the blame game and take full responsibility for your life and creations, understanding that as long as you have triggers, it’s a matter of soul contracts that are not yet fulfilled (they are the whole driving force behind your evolutionary soul journey here, in this level of the play), then you surrender.

You are not giving up. You just stop getting in your own way and instead start letting something easier and smarter come through, a higher consciousness. The deep realization of the existence of your own inner ego matrix, makes it easier for you to start the purifying process, to peel off the layers, to shift your software to a higher quality program that allows you to experience an up-leveled reality. Your body structure is the hardware and your programming (where you operate from and all the programs installed) is the software.

Everything is possible to change in the moment you are ready. Mastering the shift is only dependent on your conscious choice, dedication, focus and perseverance. You have to put your mind aside for a while, to be able to hear what your heart and soul are telling you, through your intuition and emotions.

You come out on the other side with no ego games running anymore, and a new reality is available.
Your reality is always a vibrational response to what you’re sending out. When you vibrate ego games into your energy field and your body is deeply embedded in this matrix, that’s the kind of reality you’ll get back. When you transcend this and LIVE from unity, love, sharing, peace, balance, harmony, freedom, beauty, and FULL consciousness, that is your everyday experience.

I’m feeling frustrated and confused

The different experiences of reality/dimensions available to tune into, don’t go very well together, they operate from totally different platforms, which is why much seem to be «falling apart» now, when it’s actually falling into place. The dissolvement is ongoing on all levels, from macro to micro level (as above so below, as within so without), and it is happening to drive this whole collective shift forward, a leveling-up for humanity. The EGO dimension, the typical 3D human life experience, is a totally unconscious one, meaning you don’t even know what you are part of and chose on soul level, while the Unity consciousness in 5D is FULLY conscious and aware of everything. The 4D purgatory state is a transition phase and can be very confusing and frustrating, as you have to figure everything out. You oftentimes stand with one leg in each reality, feel torn and are challenged on every level possible, body, mind, heart and soul, to eventually be able to exit the EGO matrix inside and really SEE for the first time. The linear human EGO mind will immediately ask “How long does this take?”. And your higher self, who talks to you from a quantum space (5D and up), where there’s no linear time as humans know it, will answer “As long as it takes…, it all depends on your dedication to do the inner work necessary to see, acknowledge, honor, embrace, release and transcend it all”. From my experience, I would say that this phase may take from 1-2 years to several years, depending on the above and also how deeply embedded in the matrix you have been.

It’s a challenging journey, not for the faint-hearted, but an overwhelmingly beautiful and humbling one, if you want to free yourself and really align with what you came here for.

Here’s a song for some contemplation and remembering, by Dan Romer and the beautiful movie Zoë.

Sometimes it feels so real