I have realized that TRUTH just is. No matter the stories and distortions.

Through the toughest triggers, I’ve learned how to let go of the need to explain myself. I went all the way down the rabbit whole. I didn’t stop until my human had tried out every possible solution. To make it right. To wrap my head around everything. To try to understand. As everything turned out to require me being and responding opposite my true nature.

My very persistant high capasity EGO mind would go on and on and on in the same loops, going through the stories, looking for sense, looking for reason, and my extremely stretchable muscle of emotional suffering would go beyond all limits, to explore what the mind was telling me.

I wasn’t until the physical body was hit hard, that the emotional and mental body got shaken to realize enough was enough. A huge choice point.

This is a time to shift our focus from our heads to our hearts, to be able to discern and know TRUTH, which can really not be spoken or persuaded. It is only to be found in silence