Part of our mission here on Earth as souls in-carnate (in flesh/body) is to remember, really FEEL and identify with all the others aspects that we truly ARE.

To tune into the purity of your angelic levels, your high vibrational master levels, your star race galactic levels, your infinite cosmic levels, realizing they are all YOU, living inside of you in your human form, in your DNA, is the key to activate all that your ARE, and shine it through your HUman form. Living it in the human experience. Using it in everyday life and choices. Bringing the high vibrational knowledge and wisdom of oneness, love and your true essence, THROUGH your physical form and into all your human exchanges.

We are not these limited small human beings who have to look outside of ourselves to find something or someone to confirm or validate our existence, worthiness or abilities. We don’t have to look outside of ourselves for something or someone to save us. We already ARE all of what we think we need. We already hold all of our higher aspects inside.

We need only tune in and IDENTIFY with these levels, to activate our memory of it, and to feel the (comm)unity with and support from those who’s consciousness did not decide to descend and incarnate in human form at this time, but who still resides in those levels and reach out and want to cocreate with us (elemental kingdom, angelic kingdom, ascended masters, galactic community, the Great Central Sun, Source Creator).

We are all of that, we are fractals of Source, but chose to descend, level by level, into one of the densest forms of all of creation, the HUMAN FORM, which has only been able to hold a tiny fraction of the light that we really are.

To be able to play authentically in the human experience, in physical form, in duality, separation and limitation, and to organically again ascend to higher levels, an important part of the agreement was to forget our divinity.

After exploring all possible ways of finding that feeling of truth, that knowing in our hearts of «the purpose», the human awakes and realizes there is no other way but to truly dive into the deep riverbed of human EMOTIONS, and from there learn, gain insight, open up our heart to unlock all that is forgotten, then navigate our way back home. To where we remember all that we are and where we came from, our soul’s journey through the multiverse.

Up until now, Earth and humanity has been quaranteened, because of our potential to destroy ourselves in the EGO separation game(illusion).

However, the veils have lifted, and there are now enough awake souls, antennas and receivers of high vibrational energy on Earth, to hold space for the rest of humanity while they come out of the slumber, the fog, the forgetfullness, to wake up, remember and embody their higher levels too.

This is how we eventually, as a race, will raise our collective vibration high enough to bring our human form with us, fully embodying Unity Consciousness, to play in a new reality, never experienced or done before. And it is ongoing and happening right now.