It is only when you are fully awake, when you understand truly and deeply how creation happens, that you are able to create life in a conscious way from a place of peace and inner power.

As long as you haven’t realized the dynamics of vibration and that you are both a creator and a player in your own divine creation, you will keep looping in old belief systems and games, re-creating stories and experiences through life from this specific design inside of you. This unevolved programming is created by a confused, immature, inexperienced, often fearful, traumatized and conditioned child, who created coping mechanisms and belief systems to stay as safe as possible, doing its best to make sense of and handle the life experience.

However, not paying attention and not realizing that the inner child/unconscious self is begging for an update, upgrade and often full release of this programming, as your human grows and matures and learns new truths, results in suffering, disempowerment, exhaustion, depletion of the human life force and eventually debilitation and breakdown of your physical body temple. Know in the depths of your being that you have free will. Free will to choose how you direct and expend your energy. If you choose to allow distractions and the lack of conscious presence to override the silent whisper from within, make sure it is a conscious choice, where you are aware and have sufficiently explored and dived in, for your soul to make this choice. All choices are honored and valued equally.


One of the most prevalent games being played out right now, for the purpose of you becoming aware and catch and redirect yourself in your creation process, is the victim-perpetrator-saviour program created by the subconscious mind/inner child through early life experiences (until around 12). The belief system keeps you looping in separation and divide, in shame, blame and guilt, in an everlasting chase to fill the void, in powerlessness and in a complete inability to wake up to the truth of who you are in essence, behind and beyond all identities and roles, free from your mind-made inner prison.

In this moment you may choose to recognize all of your creations, everything you’ve ever painted on your canvas called life, and give thanks.
These paintings are shown to you by your true self, as a reflection for you to see, as clearly as possible, what you hold as your belief system, what you truly believe and have accepted as truth, for you.

If you have abandoned yourself at some point, your inner child will show you a life canvas of people who is not trustworthy and who abandon you.

If you hold judgement towards yourself and only love yourself with conditions, your subconscious self will create paintings, life experiences, where people will only love you if you behave in their preferred way or if you provide something for them that they need.

If you are in resistance and will not accept the perfection of your beingness, you will reflect this back to yourself by creating life situations that you cannot accept and a life of rejections.

When in a state of unwillingness or inability to accept and receive yourself and life as it is, as you have created it, your inner child may show this to you through creating a lot of suffering in your life. Suffering is an emotion that arises from the inability to accept WHAT IS.

Disgard, complain, dissatisfaction, condescension and lack of gratitude for yourself and your life experiences is feedback to your inner child that you don’t accept what its creating FOR you and showing you. It is a rejection of gifts, offered to you by your inner subconscious self, given to you from true unconditional love, with the intention of waking you up, mirroring back to you all the belief systems you hold inside and vibrate out through every cell of your body and energy fields. Which in turn, when repeated and reenforced consistenly, will manifest into your physical life for you to see and experience.

When you realize and accept the dynamics of the different layers of your consciousness working together, aspiring to show you and teach you this earth game in the most efficient way possible, know that it is always from the purest source of love, guided and orchestrated by your higher self and soul essence. The gifts, the life experiences, may come in packages and wrappings that you don’t initially like or understand. Wth presence, gratitude, patience and translation into a language you CAN understand, you will however discover what you are being shown.
Ask your inner child what it is trying to show you. Then, with no judgement or opinion, just say thank you. Be generous and proud of the sometimes clumsy, confused ways the inner child expresses things.

If you accept the gifts that the inner child, subconscious mind, are offering you, this opens up an opportunity for you to learn to know yourself. It is a precious, humbling, inspiring journey in self-discovery. At some point on this journey, you may find yourself in a state where you feel ready to consciously take on a new more active role, not only observing, listening and learning from the inner child, which is always the key IN, but in addition to that, also being a parent to him/her (yourself). Acknowledging that you, as a more mature, experienced, reflected adult might now see an easier, more joyful way to create and live life.

Then come into deep realization that this is your job now.

To fully take on the role as a responsible, accountable parent. To soothe, to hold space, to teach how to self regulate, to show new truths and other more harmonious ways of doing things, to be a safe, kind, loving presence. To fill the empty void of lack and loneliness, which is the illusion of separation, inside.

Being a conscious creator, a soul fully embodied, living and thriving in a human body vehicle, takes accessing deep inner wisdom and remembrance of your souls journey and the dynamics and laws governing, when entering into «Earth School». In this school you uplevel and evolve into mastery through asking questions, releasing attachments, expectations and judgement, unlearning what you thought you knew for sure, learning new truths that are beneficial in a given moment, then relearning when that is appropriate, integrating and accepting all aspects of who you are here on Earth and beyond and allowing for experience and presence to guide you into every next step. All is done with loving beingness, softness, discipline, focus and dedication, yes, but always with generosity, divine neutrality and with humor.


May these words activate your memory and open you up to the wisdom you hold inside.

May you wake up to the magnificence of who you truly are and the creative powers that you behold, so you can heal yourself back to completion and create a life from freedom inside.

May we all remember that we created these individual life experiences to support and assist each other, so that we would be able to raise our vibration high enough to house our souls in our immaculate human bodies.

May we remember that we, humanity, collectively made a choice to shift with Mother Earth from a third dimensional consciousness to a fifth dimensional consciousness, because we were ready and able.

May we allow the necessary transformations to take place, for this upleveling to happen, without the need to separate ourselves or shut down our hearts in protection.

All is well.

Hands on the heart. Deep breaths. Open up. Let your heart overflow with white, golden light. Shine it stronger and stronger. Share your light. Let it touch all willing hearts. Light up.
Wake up.


Sending you much love, on our collective journey towards higher consciousness.