Co-Creation, Divine Truth, Empowerment

Walking each other home

Through our present very challenging experiences, we will eventually learn compassion and unconditional love for each other, and co-create a reality where individuality (in unity) is seen as a prerequisite for evolution and an absolute necessity in obtaining self mastery. In this process, it is pivotal to give others the opportunity to be responsible for their own experiences, as you hold yourself accountable for your choices and life lessons. This is how we teach each other integrity (concistency between thoughts, feelings and actions), to not rob each other of our soul’s path and to not “hide“ out or distract ourselves when we feel uncomfortable.

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Empowerment, Higher Consciousness

Self mastery

EVERYTHING is vibrational before it materializes into physical form (your life). Even if you never say a word, you create your reality through what you send out from the inside, -thoughts/feelings all have a spesific frequency that eventually takes form.

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Empowerment, Inspiration

The Human Journey

Self mastery takes self discipline and long term focus. Processes and projects that align with your purpose and mission here can be challenging, but will serve ourselves and ALL if we have perseverance.

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