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Thank you

My most valuable learning this far in my life, has been to really get to know my body and heart, so that I now finally LISTEN and UNDERSTAND the deep subtle wisdom being communicated to me through my emotions.

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How to decipher our programming

The people in your life are your mirrors and clues, to help you see clearly your ego programming, all limiting aspects of you that you hold and carry so heavily, that are deeply embedded in your cells, in your blood, your flesh, your muscles, your skin, your jaws, your teeth, every little part of your body, mind and fields… that are the reason why your heart is closed.

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Inner Work, soul purpose

Your purpose

However, if you wander far from your alignment with your SOUL choices, your higher self often creates situations/experiences that are stronger triggers, which eventually will bring you closer to your chosen path. This may be experienced as «forced change» and is usually a consequence of you not paying attention to your soul’s whisper through your feelings.

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