New Earth

Multidimensional realities, New Earth

Navigating in multiple dimensional realities

The reasons for why it takes linear time and why it is so demanding of our humanness, are many, however two of the most important ones being the body carbon structure, our «hardware», and trauma stored here, – in every cell, in our DNA… in blood, organs, intestines, skin, brain, connective tissue, skeleton… and our software system or mental/emotional programming and belief systems.

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Inspiration, New Earth

Human Liberation

Deep gratitude to filmmaker Svenja Josefa, who managed to capture the essence and alchemize 12 hours of intense filming and audio recording into a 3.41 mins long short film about Human Liberation. This presents a small glimpse of the service…

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Liberation and Freedom, New Earth

Timeline shifts

It feels like we’re wrapping up.
All old timelines close down, while we’re staying lovingly present, cultivate the newly embodied light and codes in our daily interactions with life, seeing/feeling/observing how everything has changed, become lighter, easier, transmutes faster, comes full circle.

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Co-Creation, New Earth


It is truly a new book that we are now creating. It has been intense for many and still accelerating, shifting us, preparing us. Observation and INTEGRATION are focus points , – of the dark and the light, of the…

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