Your consciousness level dictates how you experience everything in your life. How you deal with relationship issues, how you react to changes in you work environment, how you handle other people’s attitudes and actions, which type of situations you repeatedly seem to find yourself in, what feelings and thoughts that are predominant in your life, what kind of advice you give your child when he/she meets challenge, the quality of your reasoning and the basis from which you make your choices. It dictates everything. And what you see on the outside is basically your inside projected out, so you can SEE it more clearly.

Know that you can choose to expand your consciousness. Play an active, dedicated part in it, and rewrite and change the programming. You change from the inside out. Then your reality shifts and you will experience life differently. More advanced. More dynamic. More mature. More layers. You stay present and aware in every moment, push through old programs, release them and receive the new. It is never ending. We shift and move, shift and move. We evolve. We see things from new perspectives, find new truth. We move our illusory limits and find that things we believed to be impossible, is actually very possible. We recognize we have the power to create and form our lives from within. It’s what we vibrate, body, mind, heart and soul, that decides our experience, so that’s where you want to put your focus. It’s the hesitation, procrastination and resistance that create the suffering.

There is so much to discover. And it’s happening fast now, for those who want to “jump on”, embrace the opportunities and flow with the new very high energies coming in every day.

So, take a moment and ask yourself, am I tired of all this struggle, have I had enough yet?
Then you decide if you’re ready to jump.

If you are, go for it! Not just small and half-hearted, not with one leg in each field. REALLY go for it. JUMP!
Everything will be given to you on the way, just stay open and aware.