“Do you remember
that you are an infinite soul
who decided to live for a while
in the most challenging game of them all?

Do you remember
that you came into this experience called life
to explore and learn more about your soul
through the limitations of the dense vehicle of a human body?

Do you remember that you agreed to go into the battle field
to face your polar opposite in this duality game, called the EGO,
to go beyond and transcend the illusions shown to you?

Do you remember that you agreed to forget
so that you could discover the purity and truth of who you really are
through experiencing the shadow side of your infinite soul?

Do you remember
that you agreed to be restricted
to not have access to it all
to feel separated and isolated
for the purpose of learning how to trust and navigate from the heart?

Do you remember how you signed up for all this and volunteered as a soul
at this auspicious time in Earth’s history
to contribute with your light?

Do you remember that in this deep sleep state
forgetful and ignorant to why you are even here
you will
in one overwhelming moment
wake up from the slumber
to realize the vastness and greatness of your journey
and answer the call

Do you remember that that will be the moment
When you put the pieces and puzzles together
When your mind steps aside and gracefully let’s your soul step forth

THIS is that moment
Now starts your human journey back home to your soul
Back home to unity and oneness with all that is
Where there are no more stories, only presence
And love”

Maria, Human Liberation

Make Space

Estas Tonne