Humanity as we know it is shifting into a new experience. Evolving from a caterpillar to a butterfly.
We are here to co-create, to walk together and ASSIST each other in the huge transformation, as we are all ascending into a new level of awareness, developing new body structure, stepping into a new paradigm, a new dimension, a New Earth.
New Earth is our creation. It is made by humanity, it is already existing and is to be accessed through the vibration of your being. You hold the key. It is based in a fierce and powerful platform of unity consciousness, individuality in oneness, balance, love, integrity, total accountability and self sustainability, peace, gratitude, joy. And more than anything : FREEDOM 

I’m honored and happy to be in service together with so many others, holding space for everyone coming along on the ascension timeline and anchoring in the light and New Earth codes, for the shift to flow with as much ease and grace as possible.