The people in your life are your mirrors and clues, to help you see clearly your ego programming, all limiting aspects of you that you hold and carry so heavily, that are deeply embedded in your cells, in your blood, your flesh, your muscles, your skin, your jaws, your teeth, every little part of your body, mind and fields… that are the reason why your heart is closed.

This is NOT who you really are, it is NOT your soul. It is just the expressions of conditioning in this 3D game.

If you let yourself fall inwards, behind this mask, this identity, you will feel who you really are, you are the OBSERVER of your identity, your role, in the game, who holds all these limiting beliefs and who has core wounds that keep you in the dark.
By tuning into the observer, you can feel your soul essence, your energy signature. The true infinite you. Who is free.

Behind the identity, behind the role you play, behind all of the wounding and limiting belief systems, there is worthiness, there is oneness, there is self forgiveness, self love, freedom, there is unconditional love.

To access this counsciously though, one has to get passed, meaning TRANSMUTE, the blockages first.

If you are fully or partially stuck in resistance and afraid or unwilling to take responsibility for your behaviour/life/creations (because of perceived threaths to the EGO identity), the decrees you find below may help you on your way.

Important: READ THEM OUT LOUD AND FEEL WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR HEART AND FIELDS (repeat every day for as long as necessary and observe changes in how you feel and what comes up).

To make it clear:
1) First step is to acknowledge and accept (through the decrees below)
2) Second step is a deep inner healing journey (that eventually will reveil itself once you have taken responsibility and worked through the decrees below)

? remember to always trust your inner guidance. Maybe it would be good to have someone you trust and love, to do it together with you, for support.


Key entry points: awareness, responsibility, accountability

I am open, ready and willing to look at my life, my relationships, my fears, my limitations and my experiences. I accept that this IS how it is and so, this is what I start working on, that is my MIRROR and map to navigate and get to know myself

As I now realize that creation happens from the inside out, not the other way around, I am no longer a victim and I acknowledge that what I am now looking at, my life and everything in it, is all my creations, even though I may not know or understand how that can be. Nonetheless, I take total responsibility for the creations/expressions/relationships I observe in my life, and I know I created everything to gain insight, to heal and to liberate myself from my inner prison, to reach clarity and raise my vibration as a prerequisite for entering into a new healthy, thriving, balanced, authentic, lovefilled way of living

I am fully responsible for my behaviour, actions/inactions, choices and consequences. It’s an expression of my integrity. I realize it is very different from blame, as holding myself and others accountable, leaves out judgement, but it gives me and others the opportunity to own my/their lives, and thereby be an active conscious creator.


Gaining awareness about myself and my deeper behavioural patterns through observing my life and creations, helps me take responsibility for my life and to hold myself accountable for all that I am and do.
It puts me in a place of empowerment and self mastery, where I realize I have the inner ability to change what is not serving my highest good, and the highest good of all. I realize I am the creator of me experience and I can choose to create in a conscious, deliberate, loving way from a healed place inside.
Now that I am aware, I NO LONGER wish to create from an unconscious, unhealed place, where I am unable to observe myself and where my behaviour and choices come as a triggered responses to external stimuli, often as an instinctive defense mechanism generated from core wounds and limiting subconscious beliefs.
I now see that this is keeping me in a neverending, destructive and highly painful loop. Therefore, I choose to step into my power, heal myself back to completion and create from purity in the heart space, all the time in my absolute integrity.
As I claim responsibility for my behaviour, choices, actions and the consequences of this, I start my inner healing journey of getting to know all the limiting beliefs, fearful emotions, trauma and core wounds in my subconscious, that are drivers and protectors for my false EGO identity, that I have created and that has kept me from knowing and feeling my TRUE self, who is free, sovereign, worthy and lovable.
I hereby release the need for protection from my false EGO self, as I realize that my fear of exposing my TRUE essence is/was attached to my subconscious core wounds/trauma and limiting beliefs. Instead of defending, explaining, projecting, denying, deflecting, dissosiating and or rationalizing, to avoid my own pain, I allow myself to claim responsibility for all my behaviors, actions and inactions, words and lack of words, choices and all consequences of this. I hold myself accountable for all past, present and future creations.

And so I am free, safe and in my power to create in alignment with my true and pure soul self.

All is well and all comes back to love.

So be it
And so it is♥️

Human Liberation