Human Liberation

Human Liberation is a powerhouse of conscious creation. It is a co-creation that works to raise awareness in all parts of life by sharing information through workshops, speeches, blogs, vlogs, meditations, individual teachings. HL is engaged in all that contributes to bring humanity into higher consciousness, because this is imperative at this auspicious time in Earths history. The approach is to invite in a change of perspectives and allow an openness to different aspects of our perception of reality.  

Each human being has a special potential, and life’s journey has to do with unlocking these often well-hidden beautiful secrets/gifts. Noone can tell you what your purpose is. This is something only you know, deep within your soul’s wisdom. The purpose of Human Liberation though, is to assist people on their path of finding their own truth, by triggering something that makes their hearts wake up and turn up the volume on this still, but clear voice within.

Inhere also lies release of emotions that limit or block us, and prevent us from living out our full potential as human beings.  We need to remove low-frequent energy to become free, present in the moment, clear and ready to understand the sacred game of life and the dynamics of this matrix we live in.

When truth slowly emerges in your body, because you start to see things for what they really are, in broad daylight, not hidden, altered and manipulated in the shadows, you start feeling what your real purpose in life might be. You start taking responsibility for everything in your life. No more victimhood. And no more playing a martyr. Just your authentic self expressing itself in all forms, conscious and awake, reclaiming your power. Not power over others, just integrating a love vibration in your body, mind, heart and soul that serves you total acceptance, integrity and ability to create your own life, exactly as you want it.

This is when you become aligned with your higher self and with the Universe. When you let go of fear and control and start to work in alignment with what is intended for you, life begins to flow. Instead of pushing and trying, you open up and receive all the gifts that is coming your way. In the beginning, you might not recognize everything as gifts, but with an increasingly evolved insight that life always aspires for your highest potential to come forth, in the shortest amount of time, you start trusting the process and feel grateful for whatever arises in your life.

Each and every one of us affects the collective, meaning everything everywhere in the Universe with the energy we bring in. The overarching goal of Human Liberation is thus to raise and anchor humanity’s collective vibration through awakening the dormant potential of each individual. Beyond a genuine desire to contribute to improving our quality of life, this is also necessary for us in order to be able to walk the sacred grounds of this amazing planet we live on, in the years to come, because Mother Earth has already shifted her vibration to a much higher frequency level and this will deeply affect us in one way or another. It is our conscious choice of free will to decide how the experience is going to be.