Co-Creating peaceful, joyous living on New Earth

Through a long inner and outer journey, with the purpose of finding her own truth and align with her higher purpose, Maria Nyegaard founded Human Liberation in the autumn of 2015. By example, she wants to inspire and show how we are master creators of our own movie called LIFE, and that everything materializes into form as a response to the patterns/programming that we hold inside; our overall vibration and more spesifically, our intentions, thoughts, feelings and ultimately choices. If we are not conscious of this power within, we may get what we DON’T want, simply because we do not understand the dynamics of vibration and how we actually create in the quantum field. However, this is an important part of the learning process and the evolution of the soul, and inhere lies the willigness to take full responsibility for our lives and everything in it.

Light is information. We cannot work in the dark, which means we need openness and sharing of information to evolve. When light (information) is present, we SEE behind the veils, behind the illusions we’ve falsely and unconsciously accepted as truth, and we understand the greater picture. We can clearly see our perceived limitations, our blockages and our fears that prevent us from living a free, rich and loving life. As we begin to grasp real truth in our hearts, the love frequency starts flushing in and brings acceptance, liberation and creativity into our every moment.

To understand what this means and the consequences of it, there is a need to shed LIGHT upon old patterns of belief and find the key to unlock our hearts’ wisdom. To know ourselves fully takes courage, patience and generosity towards ourselves and others on the path. The path is an individual one, though triggered and activated through soul agreements by our co-creators (family, friends, collegues etc).  The experience can be both harsh or smooth, depending on the level of EGO and resistance towards change. A softer and more beautiful experience is possible when you have an open heart, trust and accept the flow of things and support and unconditional love by your side.

By first experiencing, processing, working through and expressing all this herself and continuing to do so, Maria feels it is part of her purpose in this lifetime to hold the high vibration, the light, even at dark times, and to radiate and share this journey, for others to pic up on the frequencies when they resonate with them. For every step on our souls’ path to expanded awareness and higher consciousness, our vibration raises, and this is of great importance at this auspicious time in Earth’s history. Hence, her work includes giving speeches, courses, workshops, holding guided meditations at different locations all over the world, in addition to providing integrated individual sessions with teachings that may assist on this at times challenging, but awe-inspiring journey.

You are invited to follow her blog and youtube channel, where she writes and talks about current topics related to all the above. This is about your life and your journey in this exciting, but challenging time we live in, and the tools and insights communicated on this page are intended for you to find YOUR truth and love for YOUR SOUL as an infinite unique part of the collective and Source Creator.