Ascension Guidance/Quantum field navigation/Light Language Transmission 

Facilitation of navigating through the ascension process and into multidimensional living; the raising of the human vibration, the shift from 3D mind/EGO-based reality to 5D heart/unity-based reality. The sessions hold the potential to open up your “memory banks”, get a deeper understanding of the matrix/the game/the dynamics/”the rules”, and to learn/realize how to exit this program with as much ease and grace as possible, and further bring about a deep healing, a reprogramming and an activation of soul essence and New Earth Living.

The sessions suit those who “feel the call”, who have been through an awakening, who have experiences they don’t fully understand, who have been through abrubt life changes, who are confused, unfullfilled and searching for answers, who have done most of the inner child/trauma work, are aware of any limiting thought patterns and belief systems, and is ready to activate full soul potential.

The sessions are transmissions of Light Language, a 5th-9th dimensional technology, which heals core soul wounds, integrates all soul aspects, activates crystalline 12 strand DNA and prepares the body for soul blueprint embodiment.

Session packages are also available, for those who resonate with a deeper and more dedicated process. For more information and prices, please connect by sending a message to

Sessions are available in person on Mallorca (mobile service; I come to you) or globally via SKYPE/ZOOM/WhatsApp.

Love and blessings, Maria