I woke up this morning with a feeling of love, saturated within my body. Visually is was like a soft pink haze of emotions (unfortunately I used the photo that could describe it a couple of posts ago;).

My whole life I’ve explored and searched for what love is, for within this world, within this earthly experience, I haven’t been able to recognize MY sense of what it is, aside from a very few unique relationships. Unconditional love. What is that? Is there anything BUT unconditional love? That is REAL and pure and authentic, without agendas?

The last year I have found this love. In my TRUE self. After peeling layer upon layer of what was not. And I am eternally grateful for those who mirrored back to me what was not.

Which to me displays the great unity and love in this big transformation. Every role and part is so so cherished and honored.