As more and more people are awakening to their true soul self, raising their vibration and starting to operate from a completely new heartbased value system inside, it is getting increasingly more challenging to navigate and interact between dimensions/vibratory fields/experienced reality. Many are from time to time struggling to keep steady in their own alignment, myself included. Holding our vibration high at all times, for a higher quality life to be anchored for us to experience, is usually not something that we do overnight. It is a process that from the get go moves in spiralling upward cycles, bringing us higher and higher in consciousness. It is safe to say it requires all that we’ve got…of courage, stamina, flexibility, faith, compassion and loving kindness.

The reasons for why it takes linear time and why it is so demanding of our humanness, are many, however two of the most important ones being the body carbon structure, our «hardware», and trauma stored here, – in every cell, in our DNA… in blood, organs, intestines, skin, brain, connective tissue, skeleton… and our software system or mental/emotional programming and belief systems. It may take a while to clear all of this (years for most), and is usually experienced in waves and cycles of quite challenging healing, releases, dark nights of the soul, initiations, rites of passage, activations, integrations and real life practice of the ever evolving experience of our new beingness and life.

However, while we are doing this inner work and also after most of the inner work is accomplished and we are more or less a clean slate, we face yet another process of testing ourselves (for the purpose of embodiment), when we for different reasons choose to interact with humans still playing in the old design/game, with all its rules, laws and dynamics (not governmental rules, but Universal Laws and the rules of this particular 3D game). Remember, nothing is ever done TO us. It is always our own higher selves orchestrating life FOR us, on behalf of our soul choices and specific journeys, as our driving force foward, towards soul expansion and higher consciousness. This time around, we signed up for doing it fully IN our physical human bodies. Which makes everything a lot more interesting. And challenging.

There are many stages in this ascension process, which I’ve covered in other articles, so right now I will give my attention to important aspects of the transitions BETWEEN densities/dimensions (3rd to *4th to 5th) and how to integrate and stabilize a new vibration.

*Be mindful of the phase in between 3rd and 5th (4th density), where many get hooked into the spiritual ego, where judgement, duality/polarity and separation is still highly present. Unity consciousness is first achieved when all games are surrendered, divine feminine/masculine energy balance and integration within is restored and the ONE creator in all and everything is realized.

So, let’s jump fast forward to where you actually, in the majority of the time, have started vibrating in 5th density frequency vibration and that is reflected back to you through your life experiences as joy, overflowing feeling of love, abundance, harmony, deep inner strenght and power fueled by softness, flexibility, flow and faith, a highly anchored state of sovereignty, a strong, consistent presence in the body, radiating full integrity, divine neutrality and human and spiritual maturity, to describe a few. Even if this is now your preferred, chosen and «long worked for» state of being and experience of your reality, remember that you also came to Earth for other reasons than only your own ascending journey. Many of us came to assist others, and Mother Earth, however mastering ourselves first. The grand co-creation we are now all part of and contributing to in our own unique way, IS this great shift and quantum leap in consciousness. It is a perfect design, characterized by both its complexity and simplicity.

Depending on which vibratory field/experienced reality we are participating/anchored in (decided by our individual overall vibration), we will have completely different ways of interacting with other people, dealing with/handling/processing life challenges; how we master LIFE, in short. One way is not better than the other, they are just different, with different consequences, and in constant flux and change. Everything/everyone serves a purpose and all journeys are honored sovereign soul choices. All this said and all judgement and separation taken out of the cocreation, there is a growing necessity for helping each other not falling into old loops and programming. It has been, and still is for many, hardwired within us, and it takes a lot of focus, dedication, presence, patience, softness, generousity with ourself and others to hold our light steady and to keep going forward, without unnecessary fallouts.

This is when it helps to have tools, go-to’s, support and more than anything; people you can turn to, – friends, partners, guides, family, who you know will hold you accountable to your own power as a creator and sovereign owner of your life and creation. These earth angels are not into fluffypuffy advice and letting you indulge in complacency. They will not allow you to abandon yourself, or for you to place your power somewhere outside of you (blame the world/not take responsibility). They love you too much to let that happen, and they also know this will delay and distort your soul expansion. You chose your journey and soul lessons, everyone else is in your life to help you achieve that. They will in their own divine way, with their own divine presence help you own every single one of your creations, mirror back to you a remembrance of who YOU are, so that you can come back into alignment with your soul self, see with more clarity so you can navigate with more ease and again stand strong in your power to create more amazing experiences from a that expanded level of consciousness. Noone or no thing will come and save us. We came to empower and liberate ourselves, and so we will.

With the help and support from both these earth angels, your higher guides, your tools and different practices, it becomes easier and also more fun to find your way and play in this now multidimensional reality on earth. Always being aware and mindful which territory you find yourself in, you can interact in the most efficient way. When you then enter a field where the consciousness level is lower (meaning the density/heaviness is higher) than your own vibration, you will FEEL/sense this in a multitude of ways. To make a quick assessment of this is important, because you can then adjust and attune to keep your vibration steady and make choices for how you wish to interact. Several of the typical 3rd density matrix programs are quite addictive and the system has been ingrained in you for a very long time and as such have a high tendency to hook you back in, if you don’t pay attention.

Here are a few things to be mindful of. Being prepared in stages where you are in transition (which is often), you can then catch yourself in the moment you recognize it and redirect, realign, reprogram and reactivate your own aligned truth and vibration, and further response/behavior. First, how can you recognize that your vibration is dropping?

Some examples:

Physical body symptoms (headache, tiredness, exhaustion, nausea, restlessness, itching, stress, constrictedness, body aches/pain)

Emotional reaction; feeling frustrated, blocked, limited, in fear, like a victim/martyr/perpetrator, controlled, misunderstood, judged, contracted, heavy, discouraged, apathetic, indifferent, not flowing freely

Mental fallback into old ways of being/thinking

How can you step into a lower vibrational field, while feeling safe and in your power?

Have no expectations

Leave judgement out, things just are what they are, there’s always a higher purpose for everything, allow yourself to see it

Remember the 3D density game has other rules and dynamics. Its operating system is ego mind/separation/polarity based, meaning the goals, interpersonal relationships, communication, unwritten rules, common sense, everything will be different from operating from a heartbased platform.

Keep it simple, don’t overcomplicate things

Observe, breathe, recognize, assess most constructive action/response, instead of reacting. Stay in the heart space, refrain from analysis and opinions.

Pay attention not to attach or get entangled in lower frequency plays (ego separation fear control manipulation games). If you don’t understand it or get confused, come back to the heart, breathe, FEEL and let it go.

Be aware how you expend your energy, often a deep level of emotional involvement will lead to unnecessary energy use and suffering. Turn down your sensitivity to 20-30% when in a harsh environment, do what you came to do, then go back to your space, bring back with you all lessons learned, clear your auric field, realign and turn up the volume again to continue to BE your full essence.

Be present in your body, don’t abandon yourself. You don’t have to explain, defend or justify yourself. You are your responsibility, how others perceive you is theirs.

Always come back to your own source alignment. This is where you get your life force/fuel. IF you do forget and allow yourself to fall in consciousness for a moment or a while, know you hold the power to pull yourself up and out, with forgiveness and love. It takes practice and perserverance to be resilient in navigating dimensions.

Sending much love, on our collective journey towards higher consciousness.

Love & blessings,