BEing your truth, spoken and in action, peacefully and with pure intentions, affects your inner state. Most of all it shows you that you CARE about your inner BEingness. When you give your essence a voice, you show yourself that even if noone else agrees or understands, perhaps quite the opposite, at least YOU give yourself LOVE and WORTH by acknowledging your inner truth.

There are of course situations where there is no need to speak up and step up, but this is only the case when there are no more emotional, mental or physical triggers to be traced, when all is healed back to wholeness inside.

However, when we are not fully healed, the triggers that arise in relation to others when our truth is “threatened” or compromised, are perfect navigators to our core wounds, – a self healing opportunity and a gift in disguise.

People pleasing, not “being bothered”, not having the courage, trying to avoid conflict, supressing or simply not listening to the triggers, are closely connected to self-worth and self-love distortions. Key words here are also disempowerment and self sabotage.

It is a clear message to your soul self, and very often your inner child, that you are not important and first priority. This brings sadness and often deep grief to the self, and when going on for a long time, it ususally evolves into anger, resentment and bitterness. The frequencies get stuck in the energy fields, painbody and physical body, and sometimes turns into illness if not released/transmuted.

Making the choice to listen to your inner voice and take action that is aligned (whatever is appropriate and purposeful for the situation) with your truth, is a pivotal part of self healing.

If these patterns are something you recognize in yourself, follow the traces. Be your own witness. Observe how you feel and what repetetive thought patterns arise, when you do not speak your truth fully/do not stand in your power and integrity and find yourself in situations where you hide your soul essence and further feel misunderstood, taken advantage of or for granted, projected upon, exploited and so on. Focus on your own role. It’s the only parameter you in fact have any power to affect/change. However, the change you make will energetically change the pattern and thereby the situation.

It is pivotal to give others the opportunity to be responsible for their own experiences, as you hold yourself accountable for your choices and life lessons. This is how we teach each other integrity (concistency between thoughts, feelings and actions), to not rob each other of our soul’s path and to not “hide“ out or distract ourselves when we feel uncomfortable. In the “uncomfortable” you will always find the gold, where you can quantum leap in your journey of self mastery.