Activation to remember

It is only when you are fully awake, when you understand truly and deeply how creation happens, that you...

Navigating in multiple dimensional realities

The reasons for why it takes linear time and why it is so demanding of our humanness, are many,...

Walking each other home

Through our present very challenging experiences, we will eventually learn compassion and unconditional love for each other, and co-create...

Human Liberation

Deep gratitude to filmmaker Svenja Josefa, who managed to capture the essence and alchemize 12 hours of intense filming...

The Vibrational Key

Everything is changable in every moment. Time is only a linear construct that will seem to delay the physical...
Co-Creation, Divine Truth, Higher Consciousness, Inner Work, Liberation and Freedom
Activation to remember
Multidimensional realities, New Earth
Navigating in multiple dimensional realities
Co-Creation, Divine Truth, Empowerment
Walking each other home
Inspiration, New Earth
Human Liberation
Divine Truth, Empowerment, Higher Consciousness
The Vibrational Key

Hi! I'm Maria

My passion and mission in life is to activate wisdom and abilities that lie dormant, but accessible, in all humans, so that we can liberate ourselves from our inner limiting prisons, realize our true authentic magnificent selves, raise our vibration and live from a new heartbased platform inside. I do it through being a trigger and mirror, but most of all from sharing joy, beauty, freedom codes and New Earth templates through all of my work in Human Liberation.

Do you hear the call?

We are in a mass awakening phase on Earth at this time, where we are in need of resources to assist humanity in the process of integrating the new very high frequencies streaming onto the planet. Most of the work of Human Liberation is a free and donation based service to humanity, to assist in bringing us through this big transition with ease and grace. If you feel that you can contribute in any of the following ways, to make tools and assistance available to the masses, and especially for children and youths, please connect by email on the address below.
  • Donations and investments
  • Assistance with and maintainance of web and social media
  • Creating video content and music to go with my audio transmissions and written messages
  • Collaborations/network/investors interested in New Earth Creation 
  • Film and music 

Contact by email:


  • a vibrational bringer of freedom and 5th dimensional consciousness (New Earth)
  • a bringer and healer of the lost divine feminine essence
  • a wayshower and teacher
  • a creative channel and healer
  • a star anchor and gridworker

Co-Creation, New Earth


It is truly a new book that we are now creating. It has been intense for many and still accelerating, shifting us, preparing us. Observation and INTEGRATION are focus points , – of the dark and the light, of the…

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Higher Consciousness, Inner Work

Thank you

My most valuable learning this far in my life, has been to really get to know my body and heart, so that I now finally LISTEN and UNDERSTAND the deep subtle wisdom being communicated to me through my emotions.

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