To be able to stand tall in our integrity, our feelings and actions must be coherent and the same. Our inner landscape must match what we say and do.

It is impossible to fake this, as everything is energetically TRANSPARENT and if you create from a place of discord, you will vibrate out this gap between what you feel (sometimes unconsciously) and what you choose to do/be, and you will get back incoherent distorted realities. Thus, we are not in our power and do not create from a place of alignment and coherence inside.

To be the master of your own experience, tune into and claim this power inside of you. Be governed by the heart, not the intellect. Accept and honor that YOU are the only one who can feel what feels right for you! This will often CHANGE quite rapidly over a period of time, before it settles into its authentic natural expression. Decide to work with what works for you until it doesn’t any longer. Acknowledge that, be present in the moment and tune into what does resonate. No blame, shame or guilt. Just let go of it, choose something new and let others be free to have their experiences, hold themselves accountable and make their choices.

This is how we all eventually rediscover our power and sovereignty.