EVERYTHING is vibrational before it materializes into physical form (your life). Even if you never say a word, you create your reality through what you send out from the inside, -thoughts/feelings all have a spesific frequency that eventually takes form. Think about all that talk you have with yourself during a day. How much of it is negative or limiting, – thoughts of lack or gap between who/where you are and who/where you want to be, thoughts like «not possible», «very difficult»? How much is about assuming, judging, evaluating a situation, yourself or others? How much is about holding yourself back, being less, being a victim, feeling small?
And this is only a little percentage of the totality of your vibration, – most of it comes from the subconscious level (mental and emotional patterns and beliefs, defense mechanisms, core wounds…).

The emotions that every single one of these thoughts create, are powerful frequencies that are being sent out into your holographic field and reality, and the more thoughts that build up around those same emotions, the quicker and bigger you will manage to manifest them into your life.

Now, think about and FEEL into, imagining and weaving in an existence that is on the top shelf, for this planet, for each other and for ourselves…then…choose that, give all your energy and light to that.

This takes awareness, deep inner work and healing to completion.

To be able to grasp and embody this, is part of self mastery, one of the most important reasons why we are here…to learn how to master ourselves and our creations/lives.
No one else’s.