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Liberation and Freedom, New Earth

Timeline shifts

It feels like we’re wrapping up.
All old timelines close down, while we’re staying lovingly present, cultivate the newly embodied light and codes in our daily interactions with life, seeing/feeling/observing how everything has changed, become lighter, easier, transmutes faster, comes full circle.

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Liberation and Freedom

Freedom codes

One important mastery as human beings is to FREE ourselves from being trapped in low-vibrational emotions, our inner prison. It all starts and ends within, and expands from that space. The power to master the inner liberation lies in FEELING fully, because emotions provide the «setting ourselves free»-map and navigation system, and when we feel, we are in FLOW.

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Co-Creation, New Earth


It is truly a new book that we are now creating. It has been intense for many and still accelerating, shifting us, preparing us. Observation and INTEGRATION are focus points , – of the dark and the light, of the…

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This is the time

WE ARE the master creator and director of our individual realities, meaning, on some level we have created all our experiences, from programming deeply embedded in our body and fields (mental, emotional, spiritual bodies) which through our vibrating field of frequencies instruct our reality to take form.
If you are ready to accept and take this responsibility and hold yourself accountable for all your creations, you will find a new sense of empowerment coming to the surface.

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