Liberation and Freedom

The Freedom Code

One important task as human beings is to FREE ourselves from the bondage of being trapped in low-vibrational emotions. The power lies in truly FEELING, because emotions provide the «setting ourselves free»-map and navigation system, and when we feel, we are in FLOW.

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Inner Work, soul purpose

Your purpose

However, if you wander far from your alignment with your SOUL choices, your higher self often creates situations/experiences that are stronger triggers, which eventually will bring you closer to your chosen path. This may be experienced as «forced change» and is usually a consequence of you not paying attention to your soul’s whisper through your feelings.

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Inner Work

The essence of light

The more light exposure, the more uncomfortable, confusing, and sometimes painful, but, an opportunity to SEE our shadow sides clearly, own them, give them unconditional love and time to integrate into the wholeness of who we truly are.

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