Discerning and navigating our way to peace in our hearts can sometimes be challenging, frustrating and confusing.

An important part of this journey is to be able to know each emotion deeply by experiencing it and recognizing it. Each emotion has a specific frequency. Our job as humans is to gain awareness of its presence, give it the attention that it’s asking for, holding space for it by embracing it (no judgment), and then know and trust in our hearts that when it is ready to be cleared out of our field, it will.

We may become quite impatient, if the same emotion keeps showing up, but remember there are many layers, many old thought patterns and beliefs, interconnected codes and templates that need to be cleared, before something new can take hold and come online, and often we are not getting to the core of the wound (often subconscious).

Therefore, let your body guide you. If the emotion is there, it is not ready to be transmuted, which means there’s MORE for you to see inside.

The passage we are in now includes major rewriting and replacing the old. Be patient, open, attentive and kind, to yourself and others.