It’s not about hard work, about luck, about coincidence or fate.There are no shortcuts. You create everything through your vibration.

The frequencies you radiate out, the frequencies of your emotions, your thoughts and beliefs, your physical body cells, are what together create your reality, the contents of your holographic movie, your human experience. Nothing is random. It’s spesifically designed BY you, FOR you. Consciously or UNconsciuosly.

Everything is changable in every moment. Time is only a linear construct that will seem to delay the physical experience of something that you already created through your vibration. However, the vibrational change is instant.

Awareness of this, education on how everything works, and then mental/emotional/physical real life reprogramming, redirection and practice of what you find, is what changes your vibrational imprint and brings you into full mastery of your creation and living this new higher vibrational experience.

August, and especially this year, is a powerful month of laying our foundation, for sowing the seeds of what is to become our individual and collective future, which at this point may be quite different experiences. Humans are living in a multiple of different timelines at the moment, and the individual real life experience depends on the frequency bandwith each is able to tune into, merely as a consequence of the overall vibration that that individual holds.

Which vibrational key are you holding? It’s not a key that needs to be found or that is given to you. You ARE the key, through the vibration that you hold and radiate.

Today is the yearly 8/8 Lion’s Gate. The majestic energy and presence of the Lions remind us of our mastery and the power we all hold inside to create consciously and the responsibility that comes with this gift. My invitation is that you bring these words with you, let them permeate into your energy field and activate the memory of who you truly are. You are not only a little human, you are a master creator being. This is your birthright and innate gift of freedom and choice. Use it. Claim it. Stay heart centered. Connect with what feels pure. Clear your fields and body to energetically align with your soul essence. Choose your vibration wisely <3