Self mastery takes self discipline and long term focus. Processes and projects that align with your purpose and mission here can be challenging, but will serve ourselves and ALL if we have perseverance.

Being on a spiritual path or consciously walking the phases of the ascension process, does not prevent you from facing times of darkness. It is in fact ABOUT facing all that is you, the dark as well as the light. Ever expanding awareness does however come with a tool box for you to use to easier assist yourself in your growth process.

– Maria

Self mastery in the human journey

For me in this lifetime it’s about many things, but some of the core aspects that I work on are combining pure and good intentions with integrity and future vision, always remembering that if I do something or create a situation and it doesn’t feel right or was what I intended, wanted or wished for, I know I did it with great love. By knowing that all consequences are my own creation, even though they turn out to be something I did not intend/want, the lessons are stepping stones to self understanding and eventually self mastery, as there is noone to blame, only more insight to gain. And instead of self-punishment, I know self-forgiveness is how I release, rewrite and create something new that is more aligned with my purpose and true being.

Every day, I seek to surrender into balance as my natural state of being, for when I push towards one pole, I tend to get out of alignment and feel unhappy. My natural state of being is one in which all aspects, parts and polarities come together as one. This does not mean I do not work on releasing layers of myself that does not work FOR my highest good and all other souls involved. It barely means, I accept myself as I am with all the aspects of me that I feel is present, as I have the inner knowing that I came into this lifetime for this exact reason, – to play, to experience, to explore, to understand, to become aware and to awaken to my truth and then BE this truth. So, I consciously work to unite all my scattered parts and aspects into this now moment. I integrate all that I am, without rerpressing any feelings, thoughts or patterns, into my I am presence.

The most important process I have been through however and am still forever consciously choosing to live out, is moving my consciousness and whole being from fear (mind) to love (heart). In my heart I confront my fears in every moment. When fear, lack and limitation present I sit with it, I listen, embrace and accept it, knowing it is all a part of my human EGO self and its fear of the unknown and wanting to control, but I do not let it override my higher self, who’s observing my thoughts and feelings and who knows it’s only the EGO’s role, it’s very nature, and the game it plays.

Even though we all have different purposes and life lessons, most of the time it comes down to the same things, – it is all a transformation from being unconscious beings, trapped in a limited perception of reality unable to observe our personality self, who is continuously doing, thinking, feeling and going on and on in circles in it’s deluded locked matrix, to become loving, compassionate, serving beings, fully aware of our power, able and willing to use it to create what we came here for.













how to do it with love