September is a month with three portal openings, where we have the opportunity to END deep seated karmic patterns and games we have consciously or unconsciously been playing out in our lives for a period of time that holds the energy of 9 (the last 9 months, 9 years, 18 (1+8=9) years etc).

You may have noticed signs given to you for quite some time leading up to today’s 9:9:9 portal opening. I know I have had very powerful ones, really nudging me to dive deep, literally.

In co-creation with other souls (soul contracts) we stage different events that hold profound “leads” to help us understand the messages behind these experiences and getting a chance to crack the codes of the underlying themes often connected to our core soul wounds and purposes in this lifetime.

WE ARE the master creator and director of our individual realities, meaning, on some level we have created all our experiences, from programming deeply embedded in our body and fields (mental, emotional, spiritual bodies) which through our vibrating field of frequencies instruct our reality to take form.

If you are ready to accept and take this responsibility and hold yourself accountable for all your creations, you will find a new sense of empowerment coming to the surface.

This NOW moment and the rest of this month, is a potent time for this to happen in a peaceful, loving way, if we all accept our respective parts in the game .

All games have underlying energy programs, based in core wounds. All games have the purpose of illuminating core wounds. There is free will, so everything is steared by YOU as a sovereign being of Source. You always have choice. Light and dark are equals in the polarity game. All creations are valid, though some will lead to self destruction and some will bring you into bliss. Because of the presence of darkness, it’s easy to get “caught up in the dance/dense” (@Lana del Rey).

Example of game humans play in, that you may be participating in:

– often seeded through bloodlineage (especially parents, grandparents) and ancestral lines
– core wounds: shock of coming into human restricted form, feeling of separation from Source (home and ONEness)
– Core wound expands through 3D experience and observation as a child to heart grief, feeling of limitation and isolation, I’m on my own, feeling of not belonging, feeling out of place, feeling unloved, unworthy, misunderstood, further to lack of self love, self punishment, protection, blocking oneself from high vibrational experiences/emotions, closing off the heart
– Turns into the “software programs” like: MARTYRDOM where you take on everything inwards, hold space for everyone and everything but yourself, sacrifice, deplete, deprive, block for Universal flow, give beyond limits and resource, consequence often numbness, flatness, indifference, bitterness, resentment, hibernation, indulgence, anger, rage, action, overly mature or
– VICTIMHOOD where you cannot hold space for anyone or anything but yourself, everything projected outwards, blame, shame, guilt, safety issues, fear, insecurity, manipulation, inaction, overly immature, consequence often illusion, creating/reconstructing/adjusting realities towards something one is able to deal with

Martydom/victimhood-game can be a perfect co-creation to illuminate both.

Don’t get caught up in the labels, I only use them to activate something in you that will resonate truth, IN YOU.

These are all games played in confusion and forgetfulness, from the source of innocence and courage.

The purpose is to remember where you came from, and embody that knowledge and beingness into the human physical form so that we can bridge realities and dimensions to co-exist and to travel in-between. The HUman (LIGHTman) has to remember that it came from the light and has the power to bring the light INTO the human dense form.

The games can only stop when we wake up, take responsibility, stop participating, give thanks and redirect our energy.

THIS is that time ❤️

Lately I’ve been shown this in my own life in the most enlightening ways and it left me feeling quite humble and determined to put all my energy and focus into living this decree:

“To all my co-creators in the 3rd and 4th density games, who have served as mirrors and triggers for me, so that I could play out my chosen path.

Thank you for the experience and co-creation. I am grateful for the experience, insights, growth and expansion it has provided me with.

Through the learning process I have come to the realization of the truth of who I am and the immense creative power that I have, that we ALL have, and that it is up to me to decide how I will use it. I now see with clarity all that was blurred by shadow and that left me confused.

I take responsibility for my part in the play, and for allowing it to continue until I mastered the lessons I have taken on for myself and the collective, in this particular transition in the history of this Universe, becoming high frequency beings,
~ souls embodied in multidimentional Human form.
I am grateful.

However, as it has all now surfaced to my awareness and I now accept and embrace the experiences, I do not want to participate in the games any longer.
I hereby clear this ______ program (fill in whatever is right for you, may be many!!) and all connected shadow from my body and fields and transmute it through universal LOVE back to Source Light.
I free you from our soul contract, as I free myself from the same.

In this NOW moment I call back all scattered parts of ME,
back home, into my heart space,
to unite again,
as ONE pure authentic expression.
I claim this original soul blueprint,
my soul signature,
that has always been available to me and mine,
only patiently waiting for my HUman to fulfill it’s exploration in the 3D polarity game of illusion and separation,
to unite with everything that feels and are real. That is HOME.

Through the powerful vibration of the fractal of Source,
the Unified Self, that I AM,
I call in the highest available timeline to manifest in my reality now.
I imprint onto my holographic movie screen the frequencies of peace and harmony for all,
and I extend gratitude and love from my heart to all brave souls who are participating in this grand SHIFT.
And so be it»