It feels like we’re wrapping up.
All old timelines close down, while we’re staying lovingly present, cultivate the newly embodied light and codes in our daily interactions with life, seeing/feeling/observing how everything has changed, become lighter, easier, transmutes faster, comes full circle.

Preparing for insights as to how these new templates will materialize in physical form through lucid dreaming and tuning into what we can create from these upgraded structures and templates, but still a bit too early to see.

So for now, we stay in the present. Honor, embrace and observe.

You may find that discomfort or slight anxiety is present. This is however a natural response for the body, as we find ourselves in new unexplored territory and for the first time see and experience reality without programming to limit and compartmentalize our perception.

Let’s hold our focus on showing up, stepping up and stepping INTO the higher mature version of ourselves moment by moment, not looking to or leaning on old mental structures and belief systems for confirmation or understanding. Fully trusting what we are experiencing, knowing deep within that we are in a new frequency and from there the path will show itself as we walk.

What a time to be alive!

PS. The experience will be relative to where each is at on their journey, so as always, please take what resonates and leave the rest. I’m only sharing my experience. Love and blessings to you all ?