It is truly a new book that we are now creating. It has been intense for many and still accelerating, shifting us, preparing us.

Observation and INTEGRATION are focus points , – of the dark and the light, of the divine masculine and divine feminine, of all that has been lost, separated or compartmentalized. It is now coming into unity and oneness, in ourselves, in the collective and on a grander scale. Together we are creating a New Earth where the ONE HEART, that pulses through everything, is being activated.

What many people are experiencing as crises and aspects of their lives falling apart or dissolving at this time, are natural parts of what is often called the awakening. It’s about allowing what is not in alignment with the highest timelines to fall away. It is about daring to go so deep that we see and embrace our own truth, dark as well as light, so that we can walk upon Earth without filters, without masks, and without limitations and fear. Bringing in simplicity, truth, integrity, harmony and freedom. This is how the EGO is eventually transcended.

Only then will we really FEEL one with all and LOVE all. Because only then will we understand and have EXPERIENCED the what, how and why’s in this particular level of reality, the 3rd density layer, and the depths and vastness of it, and connection to the rest of this Universe.

Only then will we honor the existence and purpose of every embodied soul (human being), without judgement, because we realize their important part in Source creation. Each soul is sovereign.

All of this happens through our emotions.
Emotions give us the map.
The heart is the guide. The mind is the coordinator, the body is the vehicle and the soul is the overseer. All aspects work together to navigate us back to our individual unique soul expression and self love. And ultimately FREEDOM.

Give yourself space and time to allow the incoming energies to be received in your field and body.

Breathe   Open   Allow   Receive