We’re entering a passage of possible great inner change and expansion the next couple of weeks, if you are open, ready and willing to receive.

Be guided by what you FEEL, rather than what something may present as or look like on the surface.

In this way you have the opportunity to stop looping in old karmic patterns, reenforcing deception, distortion, games and illusion.

Close your eyes, breathe in and see with your heart. As if you see for the first time. Tune into the layers in between. This is how you allow light and true knowing to come in.

When the veil between being awake and in a dream becomes thinner, we access a new space where universal knowledge is available and truth from within is found.

We enter the space of full consciousness, where we realize that seeing with the eyes, hearing with the ears, speaking with mere words are only the pale, flat surface of what is to be unveiled and discovered in the depths.

These layers are available to all of humanity, we just didn’t know they existed. The TV channel we’ve watched and the games we’ve played in for so long, distracted us, so that we couldn’t feel our hearts or sense that there were other channels to watch and interact with. Now more than ever, these other channels are showing us there is choice, inviting us to explore something different, something new. The switch is within, and starts with the heart.

You can make the shift in any moment of your choosing.