Each and every one of us chose to incarnate here at this spesific point in time. We chose planet Earth, we chose a body, we chose a family, we made soul contracts, we agreed to forget in the moment our soul descended into human dense form.

Predominantly, for exploration, expansion and soul evolution. But at this point in our cycle, for humanity as a whole, there are even more reasons. We chose to be here during the GREAT TRANSITION.

Humanity as we know it is shifting into a new experience. Evolving from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Or more technically put; through a process of awakening to the truth of who you really are, through a liberation process, – body, mind and heart, and eventually through embodying a new «soft ware»/New Earth frequencies, your soul descends into your human form. All called the ASCENSION PROCESS; ascending to a higher vibration as a result of inner work/cleanse/release/reprogramming, liberation, dna upgrade, claiming your free will and start choosing consciously, eating differently, being mindfull of energy exchange and so much more.

We are here to co-create, to walk together and ASSIST each other in the huge transformation, as we are all ascending into a new level of awareness, developing a new body structure, stepping into a new paradigm, a new dimension, a New Earth.

New Earth is our creation. It is made by humanity, it is already existing and is to be accessed through the vibration of your being. You hold the key and the choice. It is based in a fierce and powerful platform of unity consciousness, individuality in oneness, balance, love, integrity, total accountability for self and being self sustained, peace, abundance, gratitude, joy. And more than anything : FREEDOM ?

I am just so excited and happy to be here on this journey, despite the suffering and challenges I sometimes think I will not overcome. But with practice, you realize it is only emotions. Learn to honor, listen to, embrace and stay in them, and they will release, only to show the REAL magic and beauty of ALL THERE IS, beyond all programming and illusions 

These two light beams are my dearest and closest co-creators ❤️