Gaining clarity and stepping into our power

During the process of awakening to the truth of who you really are, there’s usually a lot of testing and back and forth, confusion and frustration about what’s the right choice, often seeking for answers in the outside world. 

Eventually you realize there is no “common” right choice. 

The purpose of the process is to place you into your power and into feeling what FEELS good, to YOU, and align with that. 

To be able to stand tall in our integrity, our feelings and actions/beingness must be consistent and the same. It is impossible to fake this, as everything is energetically transparent and if you create from a place of discord, you will vibrate out this gap between what you feel (sometimes unconscious) and what you choose to do/be, and you will get back incoherent distorted realities that you really don’t want, at least on soul level.

Tune into and claim this power inside of you. Accept and honor that YOU are the only one who can feel what feels right to you and for you! And it will CHANGE quite rapidly over a period of time, before it settles into its authentic natural expression. Decide to work with what works for you until it doesn’t. Then acknowledge that, be present and tune into what does feel right. There’s no need for drama anymore. No blame, shame or guilt. Just choose something new and let others be free to have their experiences, hold themselves accountable and make their choices. This is how we all find our power and sovereignty.

Recognizing what’s good for us and choosing that, is how we realize the presence of this deep creative soul power within. Practice how to own and claim it, then learn how to use it, for the highest good of yourself and ALL. 

Here are just a few examples to make it more tangible. 
* What do I choose to eat and drink (beyond all trends, shoulds and shouldn’t, what does my body, heart and soul (NOT my mind) tell me is good for me?)

* What do I spend my time doing and being (Does it make me feel joy? Is this my best version of me? Do I feel flow and ease?)

* Who do I spend my time with (Do I like myself in their company? Is it inspiring and evolving? Does it feel real and raw? 
NB. Ask yourself in terms of what is important to YOU in the different kinds of relationships)

* How do I raise my children (Do I honor and appreciate them as sovereign free beings? If I wish to see my children grow up to be amazing youths and adults, fully expressed in their full blown potential, how will this happen and do I contribute to that in this NOW? Do I know my children? 
NB. These questions are colored by my own perception of parenting, so you just use what feels right for you)

* All choices that has to do with fear and protection/limitations (What do I allow into my reality that is keeping me in a state of vulnerability, impeding me from expanding, feeling free and being all that I am?)

The list is infinite and personal, so you just go on with everything that needs a closer look yourself ❤️