Through this journey of human ascension, where we raise our overall vibration and light quotient, there’s layers upon layers of dissolving the patterns that identified the design of the 3 dimensional polarized experience.

As we are all in different phases in our perfect unique journeys here, it is of utmost importance for each one of us to honor what is showing up in OUR individual life. Which is all again connected in the bigger collective WHOLE.

The reason why, is that the triggered emotions, thought patterns and themes that your reality is showing you, is your higher self telling you, through orchestrating the «scenes», what lies ready for you to go inside and look at.

If you judge something or someone in your reality, the best thing you can do for your expansion is to recognize it in a neutral way, then go into silence and reverance for your brave journey and life experiences and ask to be shown where the seed/wound to this response in you comes from. What experiences in your especially early life may have promted your human EGO to activate protection, belief systems, coping strategies and other kinds of programming to keep you from confusion, pain and emotional suffering? Feel into this.

And like that, you hold yourself in love and divine neutrality, so that you step by step rewrite your 3D design into a higher dimensional «software program», which is not based in polarity and separation, but unity and oneness.