You, as a soul, made choices regarding what you were going to master in this human incarnation.

There are infinite ways for you go through these learning processes and it’s your choice when and in which way to do it. The experience may be soft or harsh depending on how you are willing to flow with it, – whether you see, accept, embrace/love and release or you are ignorant, suppressive and resist. No choice is better than the other, it is only a matter of actually choosing the quality of the experience.

However, if you wander far from your alignment with your SOUL choices, your higher self often creates situations/experiences that are stronger triggers, which eventually will bring you closer to your chosen path. This may be experienced as «forced change» and is usually a consequence of you not paying attention to your soul’s whisper through your feelings.

During these days of potent energy approaching the Lion’s gate on the 8.8, you may choose to take time to contemplate on what you as a soul has outlined for you to tune into in this NOW moment in your life and also in a bigger perspective. You may want to sit in a peaceful place where you can enjoy some private time. Ask yourself questions about this. Tell yourself that you are available to listen. Tell yourself that your are open, ready and willing to receive (if you are). Breathe deeply, be patient, wait and allow answers to come to you, in the way they want to come to you, – as a knowing, as a feeling, as sounds, inner visions. This is the ultimate gift to offer yourself.